Blog / News | Xbox Series X/S Mid-Gen Refresh: What We Know So Far

News | Xbox Series X/S Mid-Gen Refresh: What We Know So Far

Hey there, Braintree Gaming community! We’ve got some piping hot news for you. If you’re an Xbox aficionado, you’ll want to sit down for this one. A series of leaks have revealed Microsoft’s plans for a mid-gen refresh of the Xbox Series X and Series S consoles, and we’ve got all the juicy details.

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The New Xbox Series X: Codenamed “Brooklin”

First up, let’s talk about the new Xbox Series X, codenamed “Brooklin.” This all-digital console is set to launch in October 2024 and will sport a new cylindrical design. The console will offer 2TB of internal storage, faster Wi-Fi, and a front-facing USB-C slot. The best part? It will be priced at the current Xbox Series X price of $499. Microsoft is also focusing on sustainability, reducing its power consumption by 15%.

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The Controller: Codenamed “Sebile”

The new Xbox controller, codenamed “Sebile,” will feature an accelerometer for gyro support, quieter buttons, modular thumbsticks, and a swappable battery. It will also support a direct connection to the cloud and Bluetooth 5.2.

The New Xbox Series S: Codenamed “Ellewood”

Next, let’s dive into the new Xbox Series S, codenamed “Ellewood.” This console will keep its current look and $299 price tag but will feature 1TB of internal storage, faster Wi-Fi, and reduced power consumption. It’s set to launch slightly earlier than its Series X counterpart, in August 2024.

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The Roadmap

Microsoft plans to first launch the new Xbox controller in May 2024, followed by the announcement of both the new Xbox Series X and S in June. The Series S refresh, “Ellewood,” will launch in August, followed by the Series X refresh, “Brooklin,” in October.

The Third Console: Codenamed “Uther”

The leak also mentioned a third console, codenamed “Uther,” which will have the same specs as “Brooklin” but will be available with Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab customization.

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What This Means for Gamers

These leaks suggest that Microsoft is listening to customer feedback, such as the need for more storage and a rechargeable or removable controller battery. The company also plans to offer the current Series S at $199 for Black Friday before it’s discontinued.

Microsoft’s mid-gen refresh is shaping up to be a game-changer, offering significant upgrades in storage, Wi-Fi speed, and controller functionality, all while maintaining current pricing. It’s an exciting time to be an Xbox fan, and we can’t wait to see these new consoles in action.

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