blog / Xbox | F1 Manager 23 Launching on July 31: All You Need to Know

Xbox | F1 Manager 23 Launching on July 31: All You Need to Know

We’re here with some exciting news for all racing game enthusiasts. F1 Manager 23 is launching on Xbox on July 31, and it’s set to bring the thrill of F1 racing to a whole new level. Let’s dive into the details.

What’s New in F1 Manager 23?

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Broadcast Quality Presentation: F1 Manager 23 offers a broadcast experience that closely resembles what you see on TV. From the timing tower that displays crucial information like intervals and tyre compounds, to instant replays of key incidents in the race, the game offers an immersive F1 experience.

Dynamic Race Conditions: F1 races rarely go according to plan, and F1 Manager 23 captures this unpredictability. Crashes, spins, safety cars, and red flags can all affect the outcome of the race, requiring you to adapt your strategy on the fly.

Visor Camera: Experience the thrill of F1 racing from the driver’s perspective with the new visor camera. This feature, recently introduced in real-world F1 broadcasts, brings you closer to the action than ever before.

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DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award: The game introduces the DHL Fastest Pit Stop award, adding a new challenge for you to consider when managing your team. You’ll need to balance fast pitstops, avoiding mistakes, and managing team fatigue.

Enhanced Detail: F1 Manager 23 offers a more authentic F1 management experience than ever before. The game features face scanned 3D models for each F1 driver, updated helmets and team overalls, and up to 4 times the amount of driver team radio than in last year’s game.

New Race Replay Mode: The new Race Replay mode utilizes real-world data, allowing you to relive thrilling races and key moments from the 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship.

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Starting Grid: This feature replicates the race conditions and starting positions of every race from the 2023 season, allowing you to select any team, create your strategy, and see if you can outperform the real-world Team Principals.

Race Moments: This feature puts you in charge of pivotal moments from real races in the season. Can you guide Alonso to his first win of the season in Monaco, or lead McLaren to an unexpected victory at Silverstone? Your decisions in these crucial moments will make all the difference.

F1 Manager 23 immerses you in the world of F1, putting you in the shoes of a Team Principal managing one of the 10 F1 teams. Start building your legacy when the game launches on Xbox on July 31. Stay tuned to Braintree Gaming for more updates and all the latest Xbox gaming news. Game on!